Our Guidance for Prastara Products

Our stunning collection of wall moulding will allows you to create contemporary or classic designs with the distinctive look and relaxed feel from different concrete facades.


Understand and learn About Prastara!

The Attributes of Concrete

Concrete has relatively high Compressive strength (it doesn’t crack underweight), but significantly lower tensile strength (it cracks when being pulled).

Guarantee Weatherproofing

Prastara provides optimum “breathable” weatherproofing: seamless and resistant to driving rain, whilst also being permeable to water vapour.

Reduce Thermal Stresses

Changes in the length of building elements due to thermal stress are significantly reduced. The risk of cracks forming as a result of the temperature, e.g. in heterogeneous blockwork, is no longer a problem.

Design Attractive Facades

Various insulation systems can provide old and new buildings with an attractive and seamless facade design.

Prastara’s Acoustics

Precast concrete wall system and cast-in-place facade will provide similar performance regarding sound transmission from the exterior to the interior of the building.


Precast concrete wall systems allow a wide variety of colours, finishes and architectural shapes. Precast concrete can be used in environments that allow the use of conventional cast-in-place concrete.

Rendered Surface

The surface of the wall must have a wood float finish. For steel trowelled finished surfaces ensure that the surface is mechanically or chemically abraded before commencing tiling, in this particular case. Render should be allowed to fully cure before tiling commences.