Our Projects

Our excellent work is helped undoubtedly by all our Clients.

Prastara has grown and the team extended into what is being known best for designing, supplying and installing a wide range of exterior and interior facade. Our team delivers an outstanding architectural facade finish and a systematic approach sets us apart from our competitors. We’re immensely proud of our reputation and our customer feedback speaks for itself!

SCF – White (customized) – Villa Sharjah

Feel the luxe with our novel floor decor, which relaxes your intellect instantly. Its water-repellent surface contributes more lifetimes.

Matte Grey – Wall Panels

We have installed basic application concrete veneer imparts a more modern and industrial aesthetic, although it can also be tinted with colour and applied with stencils for an artistic effect.

Blue Aero Cement Texture Panels

Aesthetically striking for both internal and external applications, Our Blue Aero Cement textured light weight and thin wall panel looks stunning, when compared with natural stone and precast, and with acoustic and thermal properties,

Faux-Arch Cement Texture Finish

A concrete texture finish works very well as a beautiful and pronounced outdoor or indoor accent wall. It can blend in with any type of architecture and yet manage to add a lot of character to the overall feel of spaces texture concrete finish can add to the raw industrial look of any interior project.

Beso of Life Texture – (Bedash Spa, Al Barsha)

The added texture far exceeds what any luxury paint colour can achieve, similar to the effect for the beautiful spa. A warm and relaxed ambience is a must in a traditional spa. The finish can also be done in wet areas of the home, like bathroom walls or a kitchen backsplash or countertop.

Orange -Red Concrete Textured Wall Finish

Our Concrete exterior finishes have the potential to be the most striking feature of any building or space. They offer great versatility as a material. The bold industrial appeal and the sheer simplicity of a concrete texture, makes it one of the most widely applied finishes in the design industry, especially for residential and commercial projects.

Faux Poured Concrete Finish

Nothing says ‘classy’ better than a simple earthy grey concrete façade. Whether it is an exposed aggregate finish or a vibrant travertine finish, the concrete effect is a lasting one. Evolve’s range of decorative textured concrete finishes is breathable, making them anti-moisture absorbent. The cured concrete finishes are a great addition to have, especially for villa owners.

Red Brick Wall Facades

Brick Walls and Modern interiors – one would suggest the best that they would be at odds with one another. The best combination for the designers and architects. With a Whole new texture with Charm sprinkled aesthetic

Brick Series Textured Wall

The cured brick series concrete finishes are a great addition to have, they keep the walls from absorbing moisture content, keeping modern homes smelling fresh and welcoming. Beautifully done which will add elegance and personality.