Trendy Wall-Deco Ideas

Decorative wall panels come in a lot of different styles, sizes, shapes and materials and we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite models for you to be inspired by. They transform simple decors into extraordinary spaces with a lot of character.

The Right Choice for Deco Wall

The choice of materials, water fixtures, and fittings are almost endless today and it is easy to get lost.
We understand the importance of such a project and that is why you are accompanied by a designer who advises you and helps you make the right choices.

Deco – Panel moulding can refer to a variety of moulding profiles most often used to create or embellish panels on either flat or recessed surfaces. These mouldings are commonly used on doors, walls, architectural panelling, mantels and cornice assemblies.”

Moulding which gives Aesthetic

For starters, it makes the transition between the floor and the wall more seamless, especially if the two are starkly different in colour, finish or texture. Skirting helps to cover up uneven surfaces and also serves to protect the wall from damage from slamming doors and cabinets. This mould doesn’t need to be the same colour– it can also be made of tile, plaster or wood